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Creating Your own Custom JavaScript GitHub Action

Do you want to create your own custom GitHub Action? It’s very simple & really fun! In this article I will walk you through the steps to write, test, and deploy your own JavaScript GitHub Actions.

Publishing Test Results Using JEST in Angular

Are you wondering how to publish Test Results over Azure CI Build while using Angular and JEST? In this article I will demonstrate nx monorepo publishing test results using azure pipeline.

Azure Developer Associate Exam Basics

In order to become Azure Developer Associate you must pass AZ-204 exam. If you want to become Cloud Solution Architect then consider giving Microsoft AZ-204 certification exam.

Hosting N-Service Bus in Azure Functions

Have you tried to host NServiceBus within Azure Functions? In this article I will teach you how can you host your first NServiceBus project within Azure Functions.

Query Document using LINQ on Azure Cosmos DB

Do you prefer LINQ queries? I do because they provide a single consistent programming model across how they work with objects in application code and how they express query logic running in the database. In this article I will teach you how can you make LINQ queries as well as SQL queries to fetch documents from Cosmos DB.

CRUD with Cosmos DB using Dotnet Core SDK

Do you want to create dotnet csharp console app and write CRUD ( Create, Read, Update and Delete ) operations over Azure Cosmos DB noSQL data? Read this article to start from scratch and learn hands on coding on cosmos DB.

Make Your PowerShell Posh & Colorful

Do you want to make your PowerShell prompt colorful? Please read this article to make your PowerShell Terminal colorful and Git supported. I will use oh-my-posh git prompt engine to make my PowerShell colorful.

Azure Sandbox Free Account for Learning

Do you want to learn Azure and afraid of being charged your credit card or getting big bills? Learn this article where I will explain how you can get free sandbox account where you can learn Azure by using free Azure resources.

Creating Cosmos DB from DotNet Core Project

Do you want to create Cosmos DB & Collection from DotNet Core Project? Read this article to create your first .net core project. And write csharp code to create DB and Collections. You will learn how to connect Azure Cosmos DB endpoint from Dotnet Project and ensure your database and collection exist.

Creating New Azure Cosmos DB resources in Visual Studio Code

Do you want to create your new Cosmos DB account and first database and collections right from Visual Studio Code? Read this article to learn hands on coding to create database in azure and visualize in Visual Studio Code.

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